Welcome to the official website of the Crystal Lake Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Crystal Lake, Illinois. We are a treatment center that is dedicated to the treatment of substance use disorder in adults and teens ages 16 and up.

There is a dangerous epidemic in this country, and drugs and alcohol are killing millions. Substance abuse is more deadly than cancer, heart disease, or automobile accidents. Addiction is tearing families and communities apart and also destroying the lives of many different individuals. What can be done about this horrible condition that robs so many of their lives?

As every 12-step program will tell you, the first step is admitting your life has become unmanageable and that you have a problem. There is no shame in this. Once you have admitted this to yourself, you can begin to pursue the treatment that you need to get your life back on track.

We know that drug and alcohol addiction is a disease, and we believe it needs to be treated. There shouldn’t be a negative stigma when it comes to addiction treatment in this country. Are there negative associations with patients who treat other diseases like hypertension or hypothyroidism? No because everyone accepts these things as diseases. Addiction is no different. If millions of people all throughout the country have been able to find the help they need, you can too.

If you feel you may have a problem with alcohol or any other substance, you may want to think about seeking treatment. You are the only one who can take back the control of your life. Contact us today by visiting the contact page. We have addiction counselors who are standing by to answer all of the questions you may actually have, and that is certainly true.


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